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Exterior Channel Letter Signs

Business Sign Letters & Storefront Signs

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Channel Letters & Reverse Channel Letters

Channel letters are front lit business signs used in shoppping centers and storefronts to promote space and image. Visually appealing signs can help in getting companies seen and noticed from afar. This is achieved by installing only high quality LED lights in our signs. We strive to be the industry leaders when using LED signs. LED is a critical component in a channel letter sign’s performance. The team at Bellaire Signs is in-house trained to design, fabricate, and install, channel letters to meet any expectations. We can make a sign in any font, color, size, illuminated, or non-illuminated. If companies have a logo they want to use, we can design channel letters to match logos as well. Front lit letters are the most popular type of channel letter. However, back lit or reverse channel letters are another high end and stylish type of signage.

Reverse channel letters or back lit letters are used by businesses that put high value on their name and image. They are mounted 2’’ away from the wall. This will form a halo light from the back and around the sign. This will give the sign a stylish and elegant look. Any business can use reverse channel letters. Give your company the image it deserves.